International Residential Programs

United Schools Association operates International Residential Programs at partner schools. From shuttling our students to school every morning to tutoring them during study hours at night, we take care of our students’ every need. The opportunity to live and learn in our International Residential Program offers students an experience that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to provide this experience at the highest level of quality and consistency; achieved through providing expert counsel, educational programs, and social support for international students.

Our University Pathway Program is part of our comprehensive approach in preparing our students for university in the United States. The USA Pathway Program includes:

1. English Foundation Program

The English Foundation Program starts two weeks before school begins and continues throughout the first year of school. New international students join our English Boot Camp for two weeks where they will take intensive English language courses in the morning and participate in fun activities after lunch. This mandatory boot camp allows international students to adjust to jet lag, assimilate into American culture, and make new friends from other countries. During these two weeks, students will take placement exams to determine English proficiency level in order to be placed in the appropriate classes once school begins. Throughout the school year, students will take ESL courses three to four times a week in order to improve their English proficiency. The English Foundation Program also allows the opportunity to be placed in advanced courses as soon as possible.

2. College Accelerator Program (CAP)

The College Accelerator Program is a unique tutoring opportunity for students in any core subject when they score lower than a B average. These tutoring sessions, offered every semester, are supervised by staff and faculty. International students participate in small group tutoring sessions after school in a specific core academic subject (Math, Science, English, History). Small class sizes of 2-3 students allow students to receive more one-on-one time with their respective teachers. This program is also open to high achieving students who wish to gain more academic support from faculty and staff. On top of CAP, all of our International Residential Program staff members are able to provide homework help during study hours at the dormitory.

3. University Credit Courses

Once students no longer require ESL and CAP support, they begin taking University Credit Courses offered through colleges and universities in the area. From MIT to Virginia Tech, our students can take university level classes in person or online while attending one of our International Residential Programs. These college credit courses usually occur over the weekend and students can earn up to 2 college credits per school year. These courses not only push students to perform at a higher academic standard but also prepare them for university in the United States. Students will be able to transfer these credits to their respective university after graduation.

4. University Admissions Seminars

Aside from college guidance at each school, our students attend private admissions seminars at local universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale and University of Virginia every semester. In these seminars, students connect directly with university admissions officers and college students for important advice that will significantly benefit their college applications. Seminars typically start with a guided tour of the campus, a meal at the university cafeteria, a detailed presentation about the school, and a Q&A session with admissions staff. Students take full advantage of this program and start as early as 9th grade in order to prepare for university in the United States.

5. SAT Score Guarantee

In order to attend Top 100 universities in the United States, international students must take SAT or ACT. Students will begin their SAT preparation courses starting in the Spring semester of Freshmen year until the Fall of Senior year. These classes are available either during or after school. We expect 9th or 10th grade students who successfully complete our program requirements to receive a score of 1800 or higher at the time of graduation.

6. University Scholarship Program

International students who successfully complete our pathway program and meet all of the school’s graduation requirement will be eligible for a college scholarship offer within a region of their choosing. Students will be evaluated based on their scores and resume for a scholarship of up to 50%.

Why Choose United Schools Association

Excellence in Academics

We are committed to developing students into life-long learners. From daily courses to afterschool tutoring, we promise excellent teaching, premium facilities, and individual attention that our students demand.

Excellence in Activities

We are committed in pursuing student interests outside of the classroom. From cultural programming to college visits, we promise extensive social and academic activities throughout the school year.

Excellence in Achievements

We are committed to producing high-achieving students every year. From 100% college acceptance rate to over 5 million dollars in college scholarship awarded, we promise a supportive environment that allow our students to achieve a higher set of academic and personal goals.